2012 Training and Show Fee Schedule
Performance Training $650.00 Per month
Sale Conditioning $550.00 Per month
Stall Board $450.00 Per month
Pasture Board $250.00 Per month
Board per Day $18.00 Daily
Private Lesson $45.00 Per 45 minutes
Group Lesson $35.00 Per 45 minutes
Regional Pre-Show $175.00  
Class B Shows $150.00 + Entries
Class A Shows - Michigan $500.00 + Entries
Class A Shows - Out of State $600.00 + Entries & Hauling
Class A Rantoul Show Double Qualifier $700.00 + Entries & Hauling
Buckeye/Regionals $850.00 + Show Expenses
Nationals/Scottsdale $2,500.00 + Show Expenses
Youth Nationals $2,500.00 + Show Expenses



Other Services & Charges
Body Clipping $125.00  
Show Clipping $25.00  
Transportation $0.70 per loaded mile *($100.00 minimum)
Sales commission 15%  
One Day Horse Lease $100.00 + Entries & Show Expenses
Equipment Charge for Specialty Classes $50.00 per use (side saddle, show saddles, show bridles, costume)




**NOTE: Show fees do not include cost of stall, entries, and/or farrier or veterinary bills. *All Prize Money To Be Kept By Owner *Supplements will be fed at the trainers discretion and will be billed at cost. *Not included are vet., or emergency charges, farrier, early arrival fees, & extra bedding. *Patronships which enable us to receive prime stalling location will be pro-rated. **NOTE: Payment in full will be due prior to Show.